Post by: Helen Thompson
Three months ago, I clocked in at 237 lbs.
and my doctor strongly cautioned me about my health…
The Old Me (February 2023)
But when I came in today, the scale read 152.
I started crying when my doctor expressed his amazement and pride in me because it brought back memories of my journey.

I always ate healthy foods and walked four miles daily,  but with only little results.. in 3 weeks, I only dropped 2 pounds!

 I really believed that nothing would ever work for me... That is until...

My friend Maryann  revealed a very shocking piece of advice:

The liver is essential in the digestion of food and it determines whether food will be converted into energy or stored as fat in the body.

Maryann then told me about this "Mediterranean Ritual," which ensures that more food can be used for energy, improving metabolism and fat-burning. 

She suggested that I watch a video and sent me a link...

What I learned shocked me!

The New Me!
I really wasn't expecting my life to change, but after discovering how to improve liver function with this simple Mediterranean Ritual, a "new me" emerged in just 3 months. 

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